When back online, activate last schedure?


Currently all of your smart switches have 3 options when back on and online. Off, On, or Last state.
Let’s say i have a switch (i actually have a lot of them) doing 8:00 ON and 19:00 OFF
The power connected to this switch disconnects or change source all the time (Grid, Solar, Gen).
I have to keep it on Last State, to go back to where it was during the day or night.
Now if the power goes off and the switch is off and offline at 18:00 and if power is back at 20:00 the device use the last state and here we are facing problems, not to say details.

Believe it or not, adding one 4th option “Last Schedule” will solve this issue big time and will be one of the greatest features especially in countries having multiple sources or power that changes randomly throughout the day. Once the device is back on and online, it checks the last schedule based on current time and activates the device accordingly ON or OFF

do you thin this is something your team can do pls?

Maybe a good idea would be to add an option to the scenes to “Catch Up” after being offline.