Power Restore state of timer

Why cant the Device power on go into the sheduled timers state as an option. If the power to the device comes on at say 08h00 there is a timer scheduled to be on at that time its power on state should follow the schedule and turn on and vice versa

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currently the only options are on, off or last state

Give one more option on power return on state. Have an option to select “follow sheduled timer”

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I’ve just asked for pretty much the exact same thing… power up state from off should be a ‘scene’able’ creation…not to add, kick into the current schedules automatically…that should be a given.

It could have many benefits.

any updates on this update tweak

Please add offline mode as a state that can be added to On off and last state. while the relay is powered it can be programmed. I understand if its ifflin3, ita not accessible. I want to uae the ofdline message in a manual scene