Can someone plz assist, I have a scene that controls my pool pump to come on at 8am and off at 4pm, due to loadsheading in South Africa I used a dry contact and a Sonoff mini to basically make devises turn off when the power is out so my battery lasts longer, so issue I’m having is how do we make a scene repeat it self. Like if it’s 3 pm and the pool is set to be off at 4pm but power only gets back on at 5pm and once triggered the pool will start again how do I set a scene to prevent this from happening ?

I have the same issue with my Geyser, what I have done is set multiple scenes(On and Off) for now. I am in the process of setting up automations on Home Assistant for this, you have a lot more flexibility and control and there are even a few Load shedding addons

Hi so you say you have just added a few on off scenes so it goes off. Plz let me know how it works out so I can see to try the same.

My example. Ideally I want my Geyser to run from 3am to 5am. If there is no loadshedding no problems.

Lets assume Loadshedding is from 2-4. The switch on was never triggers. I thus have a secondary switch on that triggers at 4:15

Lets assume loadshedding is from 4-6. The switch off was never triggers. I thus have a secondary switch off that triggers at 6:15

Lets assume Loadshedding is from 2-6. Neither the on or off or their backups trigger and i have a cold shower.

Its not ideal and doesn’t always work as I expected it to but its the best I could get thus far