Scenes vs timers

hi, I have a swimming pool and 2 sonoff switches, the first for the pump , the second for the filterwashing

I wash the filter automatically with eweling twice a week for 2 minutes at 12:30h with an ewelink weekly timer
I decided to implement a “scene” where I say “if the SONOFFpump is OFF do not SonoffWASH the filter”

the question is: does the SCENE stop the WEEKLY timer or the WEEKLY timer does not care about the SCENE?

thanks renato

Be aware the scene runs from the cloud and is depended on you internet connection. (unless you store your scene’s in the iHost)
The timer program is stored on the device!

I didn’t know ! thanks

Yes and a bit no… :slight_smile:

Yes, it is stored in the device, but only until it loses power. These settings are primarily stored in the cloud and when the device starts, it downloads them and will remember them without access to the cloud, but only until the power is lost, then these settings disappear from the device’s memory and must be downloaded from the cloud again. Such a small detail that can sometimes be forgotten. :slight_smile:

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Simplified answer, no. It won’t stop. However, the scene can draw attention to the on/off status of the device.

Both exist in separate dimensions… And they have no direct correlation with each other.

You can think of it as turning the device on/off manually instead of a timer. And your scene lives in the background…


thanks, understood, the vision of the two dimensions, is perfect…

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