Increasing Inching duration

The current duration setting for inching is way too little, only an hour til device turns itself off. A swimming pool motor pump would require at least 2 hours to run til it turns itself off. kindly add this in newer Sonoff app. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Were you considered using scence to achieve the goals?
The delay of the scene can reach 6 hours

For most Sonoff devices, you can set a schedule to define times to switch it on and off. That’s what I use for my pool pump.

I agree with this limitation - if it can measure in hours, why not up to 24 hours? why not include days?

use case for me - is the pool pump… sometimes the garden service switches it on at the button… which is fine - but then I don’t want it to run more than 3hr

it seems silly to have all these different ways of dealing with come constraints - why not just standardise on hours, minutes, seconds, and always account for 24 hour…

why must the users find strange workarounds for something that should be dead simple… :frowning: