Break timer

Hi everyone,
I am controlling a huge industrial fridge which consists of 4 motors with sonoff 4 channel
I need to make a break every 4 hours to the operating motor for 30 minutes then resume the operation
Any suggestions on how to implement scene like this ??

That function is normally called LOOP TIMER, but unfortunately the 4 channel versions do not have that funcion. If you have the 4CH PRO, you could wire that motor connecting to NC relay position and configure a 30 minutes pulse + use 6 x schedules to trigger those “off pulses”. If you can not spare the 6 schedules, you could use TIME OF DAY triggered SCENES. If you have the non PRO 4Ch version, you could use an NC external contactor to revert the logic

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The easiest way is probably to create 6 scenes to correspond to 4H.

Fridge 1 - 6, and each scene has a different hour by an additional 4 hours. This way you cover the day.
The logic is that every 4 hours one scene is executed that will turn off sonoff, wait 30 minutes and turn sonoff on again. The next scene will be performed in 4 hours according to the set time.

It should work…

Replace the s26r2 with your device…

Thanks for your reply this will be valid if all motors are running continiously
I need to apply this for the only running motor

Does the Sonoff device have access to the Internet all the time?

If there is no internet then :frowning:
If there is internet, then :slight_smile:

This way you should have what you want. You have to do the same for each motor…

4 Sequences
4 Variables (1perMotor)
8 Scenes (2perMotor)

Every 4 hours the device is turned off if it has the ON status.
If the above is done correctly, the status changes to “Pending” from ON.
Every 30 minutes the device is turned on, it will be done if the status is “Pending” then it will change it to ON.
And the loop repeats…

Controlling variables via webhook, ON or OFF. If ewelink sends OFF then the device will neither be turned on nor off.

Manual scenes on the ewelink side are only a suggestion, not an absolute requirement.
The point is that when we actually start the device, “ON” was sent via webhook.

The flow logic needs to see when the device is turned on when it is turned off but marked to be turned on again via the 30M sequence.
The status variable values ​​"ON" means that the device is physically turned on.

“Pending” means that the device is physically turned off but we want to turn it on again via the “Motor1-4 Timer/30M” sequence.
“OFF” is an optional value that means the same as above that the device is physically turned off but we do not want to turn it on via the sequence.