More Than 1 Timer Condition in Scene IF in iHost

Currently the scene IF will allow only 1 Timer Condition Entry. My request to eWeLink is if possible to allow greater than 1 Timer entry.

My scenario is that at 59 minutes past each hour my iHost runs an automatic scene to trigger a manual scene that switches all of my Sonoff TRVZB valves to “AUTO” . This means that I have 24 scenes to trigger the manual scene. I think it would be more elegant if this could be achieved within a single scene with the IF having the ability to be able to have more than 1 timer condition entry or if the single timer entry can be provided with additional features to be able to repeat say every hour.

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Hey, thx for the feedback. I have forwarded your request to our team.

Move the automation to Node Red on the iHost. You can get it to repeat a command every 60 minutes. On the trigger node if you check the box to repeat you can select the interval to anything you want.

Thanks- I’ll give that a shot. Have been trying to stick to using just the eWeLink scenes to keep it simple.

You can backup scenes using Node Red. I try and only use Node Red rather than just the eWeLink Scenes. Also they are much more powerful because most things you think of will already have an NR ‘Palette’.