Sonoff TX T2 EU unresponsive and offline without obvious reason


I am starting a new topic to explain the situation I am facing with a Sonoff TX T2 EU switch. I will just copy and paste the information needed, I had everything sent in an email but unfortunately after writing the same things 4 times, the person(s) replying could not understand simple English to be able to answer properly. So here is the original text.

I have 9x TX T2 EU 1 gang switches in my house and 1x TX T2 EU 2 gang. The switches supply power converters - led drivers that provide 24V to 24V led strips. All my switches work fine since the day I purchased them, except for 1 switch with which I have a constant problem. A few hours after the installed switch is supplied with power it freezes, it does not respond to touch and it appears offline. If I cut off the power to this switch, it starts working, it appears online in the app again but after some hours (I have measured from 1 to 22 hours in different cases) it freezes and goes offline again. I cannot turn on and off the lights when the switch is frozen. Please note, this is not a contact problem, as the switch appears offline after it freezes. The freezing, the unresponsiveness to touch and the offline status is something that happens at the same moment. There has been no case that the switch was responsive to touch but offline or frozen, or that the switch was unresponsive to touch but online. When the switch crashes, everything stops working. I have no other way to reset the switch, so I am forced to turn off the fuse to restart the switch. After I restore the power, the switch is fully functional and online until this problem reappears, then it freezes, becomes unresponsive to touch and goes offline.

Now the first thought for an outsider might be that it is a malfunctioning switch. Well, this is not the case. I had the switch replaced because it was under warranty. I received a replacement. The problem remains. I also thought of replacing the power converter behind the switch, in case it is malfunctioning and causes problems to the switch. No change. I replaced the Sonoff switch AND the power converter, the problem is still there and exactly the same.

The switch remains in this frozen condition no matter how many days pass. The only way to recover it, is to cut off the power.

I need someone who might know WHAT can cause this behavior, like a technician.

I have some videos to show this problem.

After cutting off the power and restoring it, switch is fine, responsive, online and working.

Some hours later, the switch is frozen. The square light is on, so is the wifi light. But the switch is unresponsive to touch and offline. The log shows nothing at all.

I have tried everything possible to my knowledge to solve this problem. I even replaced the switch and the led driver after it. I even let the switch disconnected from the led driver to see if something causes this problem. The switch behaves same way even if its alone there controlling nothing at all.
I have written to support since mid January. It is very slow and I have to explain things 4-5 times and still they fail to understand. Anybody with a recommendation?

Any help will be appreciated.


This forum is primarily used for user interaction and free discussion, we highly recommend raising a ticket if you meet any issues, especially software-related ones, and guidelines needed via the eWeLink help center web portal 5 or feedback channel in the App, and if it’s an issue related to SONOFF devices, rising a ticket here Support - SONOFF Official (Support - SONOFF Official) is the best way to get response timely.

We will gradually reply to the topics under the existing “help & feedback” category and unlist them. After that, we will close the “help & feedback” category and no longer reply to related topics. This will allow us to spend more time discussing about ideas and feature requests.

Let’s build a forum with funs and ideas, thank you for your understanding, deeply.


The topic was posted in the HELP and feedback forum, it was not posted in the “free discussion” or any other non relative subforum.
What I posted IS NOT a software problem, so I cannot understand your suggestion about “especially software-related ones”, as I wrote down the behavior of your hardware.

I find it highly unprofessional unlisting my topic so that it is not visible to others. It seems you are not interested in feedback, not to mention HELP. You prefer to hide my topic so that other users cannot see it and become discouraged maybe. However, my other comment about a similar problem is fine because it was a comment under an existing topic and I suppose you cannot do the same, although I suppose you would love to.

Please get your English straight because it’s the only way we can communicate. Otherwise you will have to learn Greek or I will have to learn your language.
Raising (not rising) a ticket is not an option, I have written the reasons which you chose to ignore. It is 1 month since I opened a ticket, I got the first response 15 days later (!!!), and since then I have written 5 emails in an attempt to explain everything that I already wrote in the first email. Limited English understanding is a big problem with your support team, unwillingness to read the messages, these are the main reasons I am writing same things over and over again in 5 emails total and they keep answering about things I did not write, ignoring my previous messages.

I have not heard from your support since February 10. I had to send an email on February 15 telling your support they have not replied last 5 days. It is now 6 days later, no answer. Still I am stuck with a malfunctioning device of yours.

So raising a ticket is probably the worst option here. There are problems with language and it takes very long for this “timely support” to answer. This is nothing but a waste of time. In fact, I would not recommend raising a ticket to anyone.

So please relist my topic because maybe you cannot understand, maybe you do not have enough time, maybe you do not even care at all, somebody else though might give me a solution that you have failed to give me so far.


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Would you care to comment? I am seriously questioning your decision to unlist my topic. Your support does not reply to tickets.

I have reopen this topic in free discussion category, and will talk to the custom service guys to find out why the ticket is super delayed and what’s happened.

I do care about feedbacks but as you know eWeLink is play the role as IoT solution provider, which means our OEM partners like SONOFF, make their own product with their firmware by using our solutions, basically we in charge of maintenance the APP & other portals & cloud services, because of this, we do not have enough infos to locate the issue especially it’s related to hardware itself, like firmware, chips, etc., that’s why i suggest to raising a ticket to SONOFF if the issue is related to a specific device.

Thanks for your feedback and piont out our mis-spell mistake again, hope you can understand that we do not want to turn this forum into a customer service channel.

Update: Our customer service colleague told me that they haven’t find ticket in the eWeLink feedback system under your forum email account (which is the same of your eWeLink account), would you please let me know the feedback channel?

Thank you very much @yitie
I am sorry but I do not know and I am not aware of the specifics. But even if I did, I am not interested in who is what. I am only a customer searching for solutions and answers, the details of who is what is not my concern. When these solutions and answers do not come, you go out there looking for them…

They told you they have not found a ticket under my email? Unfortunately for them, I have both the number and the emails they sent me. My contact email, my ticket email, my ewelink account and my forum account here in the feedback channel, are all under the same email. I am sorry to say but what they told you is a blatant lie. I want to be straightforward with this. This is an intentional lie. Intentional lies deserve undoubtable and undeniable proof. Well, here it is.

Email, ticket number, date and time, person’s name and a part from my original email which shows the date and time I sent my email, which opened my ticket asking for help. The photo confirms everything I have said so far. It also confirms they are just lying here.


Oh, seems it’s support email from SONOFF customer service, i will forward this topic to them to check because i’m from eWeLink team and haven’t access right to SONOFF support center.

Let’s back to the issue, we have learned and tracking the random ON/OFF issue for a long time, and it’s really a complicate one, router, ISP, timer setting, Alexa routines, chips, firmware etc., every aspect may cause the abnormal actions.
And we have a discuss topic here and collecting feedback from users with testing firmware, a massive-release firmware version 3.7.3 has been pushed this Monday, far from i can tell, i think it’s the same issue with others in the topic below, and i suggest you to update your devices to the latest firmware 3.7.3 and let me know if the issue is fixed.

This is not my case @yitie . My issue is not my switch randomly turning on and off. If you would read what I wrote, you would understand.
I have never had any random on/off issue. I have 1 switch that I properly installed, like all other 9 switches, which becomes unresponsive to touch, freezes and goes offline, all at the same time. This means the switch is never online but unresponsive or responsive and offline, these conditions happen at the same time. When it is offline, it is because it is unresponsive. The touch square light and the wifi light remain on, but the switch does nothing and of course you cannon control it through the app as it appears offline. The only way to change this condition is to cut off the power and then connect it again to the power supply. The switch then responds normally and it goes back online, that is until it freezes again. The freezing occurs anywhere from 1 hour to 20+ hours, there is no specific time. The log in the specific device does not report something weird. I have to add that this behavior is a behavior the switch has out of the box. From the first day…
I have discovered that the only thing responding is the long touch on the switch. The switch beeps like its resetting, but the wifi light remains frozen and the switch status does not change, it remains offline. After the resetting beep, the switch is not discoverable.
I have replaced the switch under warranty., something they could not understand in the emails I sent, although I wrote it 5 times. The new one I received, does exactly the same thing, again right out of the box. Currently I am waiting for a 2nd replacement, just in case my luck was so bad to receive 2 faulty switches.
Regardless of the above, I will update all switches now to the new firmware. I will have to cut off the power to the problematic one, so that it becomes responsive and online so I can update it. It will take some hours to see if anything changes.

Sorry I misunderstood, it’s really frustrating the devices frozen like you said.
Just conjecture, dose the power voltage is stable of the wires? It looks like a touchpad and other related abnormal caused by voltage overload.

I will continue to talk to SONOFF dev-team to check further, free to let know how thigs going on your end.

I have tested the voltage, it gives me the same readings as the one above it. The wires come from the same source, so overload should occur to the 2 gang switch above this one. But I can understand that this can be a reason why, nobody gave me a reason why before. :smile:

I am not 100% sure but I think this is not my case. If there is an overload, it should be there all the time. I once measured 23 hours before the switch froze, so how didn’t it freeze these 23 hours? As I said, I see the same current with a digital multimeter in the 2 different lines of the 2 switches, they come from the same source.

I have received an email. They say there are switches with malfunctioning PSUs.
I have sent my serial number so we can confirm if this is the case I am having.
Let’s see what will happen…

Ok, free to let me know if you need any other support.

I’m just guessing by my experience, I have a similar situation last summer when I was in a small town where my grandmother lives in, the power station shifts the supply source at 6 PM everyday and when the change happens, the voltage go over to peak as 240v-280v (220v is normal), and the smart socket act as one ON/OFF and then “frozen”, need to reset it, it’s wired and I also spent lots time to figure out what has happened😂

I have 10 smart light switches @yitie . If this was the case and the power station would shift the supply source, the rest of the switches would also go nuts. Instead, I have this problem with only 1 of them.
Remember, I do not have any on/off reaction. The switch simply freezes and goes offline at the same moment. The switch does not react with any on/off.

In your topic, you described the problem but left one essential thing out. What have got attached to this switch? The problem does not seem to be originating from the switch itself but to what is being “controlled” by the same switch. Do you have LED lights? Are these dimmable? If yes, they might be the culprit.

I think if you read my topic with more attention, you will realize that I have already included from my first message what you wrongly think I have left out. It is pretty clear what this switch controls.
Yes I have led lights. But no, they are not dimmable. I have no dimmable led lights.

Sorry for trying to help you!!

This 280v is very high, you will have to think about high voltage protection there!