Sonoff L3-5M won't connect to WiFi

As you probably have seen in the photos, there is no “legacy mode”. However, all network protocols are enabled, b, g, n, ax. I tried with a repeater, no luck. I also tried with an older wifi router, same problem. All other wireless devices (35+ devices), including other Sonoff products work fine on my existing hotspot. I will not buy or add a dedicated wifi router for this led strip, I prefer to return it for a refund. If Sonoff wants to install an extremely old wireless protocol that is nowadays unusable in today’s led strips and wifi environment in general, I would rather buy another led strip instead of trying to find solutions and wasting my time. Sonoff not even using Wifi1, the 802.11b from 1999 but opting for legacy Wifi from 1997, is so disappointing. From the 4 already surpassed 1-4, they chose legacy wifi. This speaks for itself. Some people will not even find a wifi router this day to connect their led strips. The box says the controller is 802.11b which we now know it is not true. In fact its misleading. 802.11b is supported from all my wifi hotspots, legacy 802.11 has no letters after the 802.11.

I have to add this also. I opened a case here to get help from other users about a Sonoff TX T2 EU wifi light touch switch and they unlisted my topic that was posted in help and feedback. This action only shows they do not care so much in helping customers or receiving feedback when something goes wrong.

The link for this topic is here. If you know something about this matter, let me know please.

Thanks Undeene for your time.
Hvala puno i pozdrav iz Grcke.

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