Sonoff? That's not us! A wild guess for everyone

I have just been informed by @ward [eWeLink staff] that eWeLink is not developing firmware for Sonoff. Sonoff has a team for that. But iHost/NSPanel Pro are unique.
It turns out that writing on this forum about various Sonoff-branded fuck-ups unnecessarily consumes time and electricity. How to address Sonoff remains unclear. It is interesting that Sonoff and ITEAD refer to this forum. ITEAD, being something of a keystone in this strange bunch of companies, is in turn a part of something else. It is impossible to encompass this without speculation.

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We have a close partnership, and SONOFF reads this forum too. That’s why I ping their staff on new hardware requests or hardware/firmware-related issues.

For important issues, we would raise attention and alert for Sonoff to better help users here.

And there is also a lot of communication between us on issues reported in this forum.

Shenzhen CoolKit Technology Co., Ltd → eWeLink
It seemed to me to be common knowledge. eWeLink makes software, that is, if I understand correctly, the entire ecosystem, such as applications and web versions. Presumably, they are also responsible for the entire aspect of the servers to which Sonoff devices connect.

Shenzhen Sonoff Technologies Co., Ltd → Sonoff
Team designs and sends the designs to the factory (subcontractor?). This team creates firmware for Sonoff products as an integral part of the device.

ITEAD Studio → Sonoff, Nextion, AIRSPY…
Whether they are owned by the same person or separate ones… I don’t know, China again and half of the property is in the hands of the government. Apparently both teams work in one building, I think.

Founder of ITEAD Studio | SONOFF | eWeLink → @Alexie ???

This forum has probably always been perceived as the official one for Sonoff/eWeLink. The fact that statistically the eWeLink team is definitely more active here does not mean that sometimes someone from Sonoff will not comment here once a year. :slight_smile:
And where to report problems… God himself is not sure. Official communication channels, via applications or forms, or here, but this forum has never had much traffic and we have to be very lucky for our problem to be noticed, let alone solved. :slight_smile:

@Daniel_Zhan Your team needs to be more active on the forum, I guess… :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t say this is common knowledge. You won’t find any specific information either in official channels or in sources like Wikipedia. Compare this with the detailed information about the Nabu Casa Foundation and the Home Assistant community. But it’s an open project, so maybe the comparison is not the best. Take Tuya, for example, though.


I think they have put this quite clear via the pinned announcement, as my acknowledge, eWeLink play the role of IoT solution provider for lots of OEM/ODM partners, SONOFF happens has the same shareholder which is “iTEAD” as eWeLink has, so they work closer than other manufactures relatively, i thinks that’s why SONOFF guys like @Daniel_Zhan have a staff level account in this forum.

For me, i don’t give a shit who is in charge of firmware developing, like it hardly to tell who is the keyrole for Ring devices, Ring or Alexa? especially Ring have become a Amazon owner company years ago.
What i’m care is the quality and stability of their devices and services, and whether my requests are noticed and been put considerable or been developed as a feature, i don’t have time to disentangel the relationship of those companies.

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