Sonoff scene disappear

Help, all. I have sonoff bridge pro and have some ZigBee devices ( mini l2 some motion sensor etc.). When de device goes offline I have to reset the device in order to bring it back online. The bad think is when I reset the device the scene associate with it got disappear and I have to re-creat it which is annoying.

Is there a way to back up my scene ?

Appreciate any feedback.

Hi there, I understand that it can be frustrating to reset your Sonoff Bridge Pro and lose the associated scenes. Unfortunately, when you reset the device, all settings, including scenes, are deleted, and there is no way to restore or backup them.
To avoid the hassle of recreating scenes each time you reset a device, you can try the following suggestions:

  1. Regularly check the connection of your ZigBee devices and troubleshoot any connectivity issues promptly to minimize the need for resetting.
  2. Consider using a stable and reliable network for your ZigBee devices to reduce the occurrence of offline situations.
  3. Keep a record of your scenes separately, such as taking screenshots or noting down the configurations, so that you can refer to them easily when recreating scenes.

While there is currently no direct backup option for scenes in the eWeLink app, these suggestions may help mitigate the inconvenience caused by resetting devices. If you have any further questions or need assistance, feel free to ask.

Thank you for your feedback. Would be great if consider enabling back up of the scene. In feature release. Regards