SonOff 433 RF Bridge and iHost

I have 3 SonOff Bridges #1(11), #2(5) and #3(2).
I heard that they are supposed to hold max 16 RF devices each.
I deleted a devive on #1 and re-installes it on #2 and strange issue append; Scenes are all mixted-up on my #1 and they do scenarios that have been deleted or even as never existed. I heard that scenes are store on an unknowed server and this is where the issues are and I can’t fixed them. I have an iHost but I turned it OFF so that the issue is not comming from it.

  1. How to reset my scenes on the eWelink server?
  2. I wonder to know, what is the priority on executing scenes, Internet at first or iHost first?
  3. Why can’t we save our setting of iHost locally, so we don’T lose all our scenarios and setup in case of a FULL RESET?
  4. Does the RF-433 major issue of november 23-25, 2023 have been completely repaired?
  5. Am I beginning to lose my trust in SonOff products?

Heavily mixed are your observations and opinions. There is no such thing as an eWeLink central server. The solution is cloud-based and, as far as I know, have functions distributed over multiple locations. The execution of scenes is not prioritised. As the iHost is a local server, the scenes running on the iHost have no relation to those established in the cloud. Setting a priority is therefore impossible. The user needs to think through expectations and requirements, ensuring logical consistency.
Executing scenes in the cloud is prone to many problems. Primarily, an uninterrupted data flow cannot be guaranteed. The internet is subject to crashes and is also not a haven of peace. Hence the idea to create a local server, materialised as iHost - something much more than a bridge and/or Zigbee controller. The problems of data flow on the Internet are also addressed by the addition of a LAN mode for WiFi devices, which can be controlled from an app on the phone.
It is true that iHost does not have a backup function. We all hope that this will be added soon. There are several threads in this forum discussing this issue.
I don’t know what “major issue of November” you are referring to. The fact is that RF devices based on fixed code remote control have problems, especially in an RF “littered” environment. This problem has also been discussed many times on this forum. Have a look at the existing threads.
eWeLink and Sonoff are not perfect and do not always get things right. It is true that they exaggerate with over-optimistic marketing, which I don’t like either. In this respect, however, they are no exception among companies offering home automation solutions. Every manufacturer has something that is flawed. This is not an excuse, of course, but to strike a tone of loss of confidence is an overreaction.
Finally, a question - what kind of problem are you having with Sonoff RF bridges, really?

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The main issue I have, as been cause when adding more sensors, I renamed some RF433 devices, so that I it would be easyer to identify. I have a mix of RF, WiFi and ZigBee devices.
The problem is that some old name of devices are re-appearing as GHOST in my setting of the 433RF Bridge and I can"t clear them; there is no factory reset button on door switch or P.I.R. detectors.
Question: Owning an iHost with the same scene as my eWelink setting, shoud I clear all of them? I am asking my self if all my problem are comming from duplicated scenes on eWelink App. and the ones on the iHost. I unplugged the iHost to be sure that the problem was on the Internet side, not my LAN.
So, should I depend only on scenes on my IHost, losing my sunrise and sunset hours options scenarios?

Did you try to reset the bridge? Resetting RF devices is possible but it won’t change anything since the names are stored in the eWeLink cloud.

I’m sticking to scenes created on iHost as they’re cloud independent. I deleted most of those cloud-based. I left only those based on the sunrise/sunset setting and the manual scenes that I need to run remotely from the app.

You can bypass this limitation by using Node Red. This has already been discussed in this forum. I didn’t do it because I’m lazy :man_shrugging: