RF bridge is one of the best devices EWELINK ecosystem HAS, you must take care about it., because mark the difference with other IOT systems

But RF bridge can be improved:

  • multiple sensor attached to the same RF bridge can be triggered in the same scene. This would do things much easier. In one scene I can do all sensor
    If sensor 1 or sensor 2 or sensor 3 or… sensor n … IN ONE SCENE. Not creating one scene for each sensor
  • More alarms (It started with 4 alarms memorized)

Lack of support for local scenes is an Achilles’ heel…

In theory the iHost or NS Panel Pro can connect to the RF bridge locally and run the scenes. Atleast as regards the iHost the RF buttons have stopped working for me. In theory it works though. Not sure the RF Bridge has enough memory by itself.

I personally think they need to open it up to more from other brands as nothing I have works that isn’t from them. Not one thing.

Local scenes based on iHost are an option, of course, but I had more in mind a stand-alone device, both RF bridges and the regular version of the ZigBee bridge do not have local scenes because apparently they are not technically capable of handling it. Apparently only the P version of the zigbee bridge has local scenes, but I think this only applies to scenes related to devices connected to this bridge and nothing else. But I could be wrong…

So without iHost/CUBE at least, the user can forget about local scenes for RF, WiFi, and regular zigbee not “P”.
You can see from a distance how these devices were designed and what operating model was supposed to be the main one. Cloud, cloud and more cloud. Only with time they started adding LAN options to some devices, although this does not solve the issue with local scenes, and about a WiFi-only device such as DW2, which is only a cloud and can be forgotten in the local context.

Only devices compatible with Matter will normalize the IoT market… but let’s hope it won’t be like with ZigBee again, where everything should be compatible with each other, but many people know how it really is. :slight_smile:

Does iHost support Wi-Fi devices without LAN in the local scheme or does it simply connect to the cloud to bind them?

My dream is to self-host in Lan CUBE, or even for ewelink to provide a small, simple server as an equivalent to their cloud, a self-hosted version of ewelink web for all devices, full control and scenes. Small, simple, quick, don’t have to be a big combine harvester. I guess that’s what CUBE is supposed to be, only based on the equipment by Sonoff, i.e. iHost…

Release firmware updates for WiFi devices so that instead of connecting to the cloud, they look for a server instance in the LAN and suddenly even DW2 becomes local. :slight_smile:

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