Scenes without a trigger

I have several Zigbee devices (sensors and switches) connected to a Zigbee hub. Unfortunately some of them often goes offline and the only thing to do is to delete them and readd them again. But when this happens all the scenes which are using the Zigbee device as a trigger, gets deleted too and I have to remake the scenes from scratch. My suggestion is that there would be a facility that instead of deleting the scene, marked it as unusable as long as the trigger part was empty. Thereby is would be relatively easy to readd the Zigbee device and get the scene running again


I can’t fix that problem directly. But I do want to suggest that it may not be Sonoff. I predict you have reached the point on your router that you have too many devices joined to your WiFi network. Each router, (in fact) even each node of a mesh WiFi system has a limit how many devices can connect.
Google your router for specs and find the device limit count. Now, I use/suggest an app called Fing. (Free) for iOS and Android. Run it several times against your WiFi network. It will return odd names, but after running it several times, it will tell you how many devices you have connected. If that count exceeds your router, there, that’s your problem. You need to offload some devices, or replace your router with one that has a higher count. For instance, I had the same issue. I was using erro mesh. Each node has a 75 device limit. AND you can’t move devices or force connection to specific nodes. When you reach the limit was a 2-3 node system, and too many are on one node, - out of luck. I had to replace mine with ASUS to fix it.
Good chance when you add those devices back, they are a fresh connection and are bumping something else off. But have a while, the bumped come back, especially, if you use one or one is called to use.
Too often we don’t notice we have reached that limit, and it simply goes away later, when we upgrade to a new router, and don’t notice that was the problem with offline devices.
I hope this gives you some insight. Cost nothing to test, “specs and compare it to your count”.

Hi thanks for the answer, but the problem is not the one you are describing. It is not a wifi problem with the router as the Zigbee hub is properly connected and never offline. It is a problem between the Zigbee hub and the Zigbee devices which I have about 10 connected. But as I also mentioned my main problem described in the question was that when I was force to delete and add the offline Zigbee device, all the scenes involving the Zigbee device also got deleted


The issue you describe may be due to radio smog in your vicinity. A Zigbee network is a self-managing, self-healing mesh network. It works well in theory, but in reality it is not so good. After all, devices operate in the unprotected radio band and you can expect a variety of problems. I did a survey and there are close to a hundred WiFi networks operating in my location. Then there are BT and similar transmissions such as Zigbee. The crowding is incredible!
To improve the propagation of your Zigbee network you would have to analyse the situation. Perhaps supplementing with Zigbee routers would solve the problem.

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Jam3 also thx to you for the answer. My purpose with my question was NOT to solve my Zigbee problem but to describe the problem there is with scenes, that when the trigger device gets deleted the scene also gets deleted, which is a problem when you often experience that you have to delete and a again add a device due to unsolvable offline situatons

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