Sonoff R5 and apple HomeKit

Good afternoon everyone, does anyone have experience using R5 with Apple HomeKit via iHost and Homerige using the eWelinkCube plugin, the problem is that iHost itself does not support it via Matter and it turns out that the following events from R5 are displayed correctly in the HomeBridge log, and the Apple application Home receives several at the same time, different ones and even those that were not there.

I think the problem is that Apple home doesn’t support buttons as a device type.

What do you mean? The first problem was that I added R5 like an auxiliary device to iHost, when I added R5 to MINIR4 Extreeme then I could see R5 as a separate device before it was working like crazy, now it’s working fine but only through eWelink plugin for HomeBridge. The problem with this plugin is that it kicks me out of eVeLink on my phone and in other places. The device is still not visible in the docker container, this is of course a problem.