【Feature Request】- Homekit device integration

Dear iHost & eWelink Cube Team,
while using iHost i was wondering the possibility to use something like the homekit device integration (Home assistant). the possibility to add virtually any homekit device and use it via matter bridge, sound intriguing, this way one can add also homekit hub… and with the coming (i hope) matter hub feature… well :wink: GG.
Best regards

  1. Add the iHost device to the apple Home App by installing the Home bridge add on in docker;
  2. Add iHost device to apple Home App via iHost Matter bridge, but only if there is an ipad as Matter hub.(ps: iHost Matter bridge is still in debug, expect version 1.13.0 to be stable)

hi, thank you for your answer. This way is it possible to expose and control homekit hardware with other system like google or alexa? if yes its great.
i was asking for somthing different (i think) for reference:

“The [HomeKit] Device integration allows you to connect accessories with the “Works with HomeKit” logo to Home Assistant” .In our case to ihost so you may integrate any device with apple logo to the homse server.

For controlling iHost syncing to Homekit devices via Google or alexa, if you have Matter hubs under your respective accounts, I suggest you wait for the Matter bridge, which allows you to do so.

If it’s controlling devices added directly to Homekit via Google or alexa, I don’t have a good suggestion.

hi songal, thanks again for ur kind answer. i’ll wait and see how eWelink cube will evolve.