Sonoff MiniR2 strange behavior

I found today that a SonoffMini R2 wich controls my heating sistem just go ON on the “Time of day Scene Triggered” at 13:51:18 and at 16:46:14 in the 24 of March 2023, event which is not set in any Scene. I consult the Scene logs list for that time, but nothing found although in the switch log I found that it was ON by the “Time of day Scene Triggered” event to times today. Please analise why my MiniR2 goes ON at that to specific times. I don’t have Alexa or Google Home or any other platform just eWelink!

The entire platform of Sonoff is no longer reliable with users worldwide reporting random switching over the past few months. Itead are not taking this seriously, so the best thing you can do is throw away your Sonoff devices and migrate to a reliable system