Snzb-04 reaction time

Hi, I set up a scenario with snzb-04 and zbminil2. When I open the door the light does not turn on immediately, but when I close the door the light turns off immediately. Is there a way to have the light turn on immediately when you open the door? Has anyone tried Snzb-04P? How is the reaction time?

Does he always react like this? The first start-up after some time probably wakes it up from sleep, which probably results in a longer reaction time.

Yes he always reacts like this. This is really annoying. When I enter the room I have to wait for the light to turn on

Are you using cloud scenes? Maybe connecting to the cloud causes lag, although this is negated by the fact that closing the door works quickly?

What zigbee bridge are you using?

It’s hard to say whether you have something in the ecosystem that causes lag or this sensor has such a problem.

Is the newer version better… newer version, they must have changed something.

But generally speaking, don’t expect a 0ms response.

Also look at the distances, remove it from the door and see how it reacts at different distances.
sometimes, although very rarely, it may happen that the sensor position is still within the magnet and the sensor does not respond and the door is already open by a few mm. And when opening quickly, the sensor reacts late. But I doubt it… the signal comes out when the LED appears.

But my Sonoff sensors, both RF and WiFi, react similarly. They can sometimes have a little lag and when you add cloud scenes to this…

If you want as little lag as possible, just use a wired sensor. It should also be taken into account that it may not be the sensor but zbminil2 that is lagging.

Apparently Aqara sensors are faster than Sonoff…

I use zigbee bridge pro. I set up the scene on the ewelink application. Zbminil2 and snzb-04’s rssı are good. I will replace Zigbee bridge pro and try it, I can’t think of anything else.

According to this video and the author’s words, 04P has a faster response to Opening vs 04…

Changing the bridge probably won’t help.

You can alternatively try not to use cloud scenes. Apparently Bridge Pro should support local scenes, i.e. without the Internet. disconnect the bridge from the Internet and let all three devices work, then the cloud delay will be eliminated from the equation.

I don’t know whether this will have a noticeable impact on the situation.

Snzb04-P responds faster. It worked for me

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