Fridge door open for 1 minute with speaker announcement

I have a scene where the frige door is open for more than 1 minute the speaker sends a notification. This is done with google automations and google speaker. I am using a SNZB-04. When it openes it has a small lag until it reaches google, but this I consider normal… the probles is that if the door is opened and closed under approx 5 seconds it sometines does not update in google home and it gives a false positive. Can something be done to improve this ?

I see that there is a SNZB-04P available that does what I need (open for time) but is there a way to announce this on the google speaker?

The SNZB-04P will not change anything. Even if one assumes that the time lag with SNZB-04P is indeed lower, response inertia is unavoidable. In my opinion, this problem is extremely difficult or impossible to solve with the eWeLink/Google combination. Google Home does not offer any “confirm for xx seconds” type of automation.

This problem can be solved by releasing a new smart speaker product for ewelink. And I don’t understand why this hasn’t been done yet!!! A smart speaker is one of the most important links in a smart home. Googl, Alexa… Does not solve this problem because 1. it has a delay, 2. In my country there is no required language on googl devices, but it is in alexa, but not everyone has apple devices. Target device will solve this problem!!!

Forget Google Home and the speaker. Buy a cheap switch (e.g. BASICR2), connect a (school) bell to it and create a scene. You will hear and understand the alarm, guaranteed :grin:


There is a workaround for you. If you use app cast on a tablet, you can use Macro Droid to intercept push messages from the sensor and set the execution of the “speak text” command pre-defined in Macro Droid. The same can be done on the phone. But there is a huge delay on the phone if it is in sleep mode. The downside of this solution is that you can’t put a tablet in each room. Having a speaker with normal functionality for a smart home is much more convenient!!!

I think the neighbors will be happy :joy:

This will force you to pay close attention to the fridge door :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I already have a buzzer in the ZBBridge-P :slight_smile: although not as loud :slight_smile:
I was thinking of getting SNZB-04P and using the “time open” function and this buzzer, as a workaround, but I would still prefer to use the Speaker, since it’s nicer.

I already have these automations for the windows, and they work perfecty since you do not open and close the windows in a 5 second timeframe.

This is what the script looks like:
- type: device.state.OpenClose
state: openPercent
# Indicates the percentage that a device is opened, where 0 is closed and 100 is fully open.
is: 100
for: 10min
device: Big Bathroom window - Big Bathroom

For the fridge I use 1 min instead of 10.

If I understand your need correctly, it can probably be improved, at least a little, but a lot depends on whether your Google is able to accept webhooks?

If you are able to pass the command to google from then you can achieve the correct behavior.

Don’t count the time on Google’s side, Google only has to receive the command and immediately perform the action.
We count the time at and there we control the start/stop of the countdown to sending the command to Google.

I’ve written about it several times on the forum…

However, your Google speaker must be able to share the webhook url, I don’t remember if there is such an option.

Another option is to create a loop and use → ewelink webhook and send the command to Google via ewelink.

By doing it this way, the speaker will not receive any command for 60 seconds. If the state changes from Open to Closed before 1 minute has passed, the sequence will stop and the speaker will never receive any command…

If the variable remains Open after 1 minute, the speaker will receive the command. This model is extremely simple and will not be repeated again for the Open variable, it is one-time.

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got sharp fridge . it got alarm if door were opened more than 5 minutes :rofl:

maybe try this:

in eWeLink, if the SNZB-04P open for 10s → turn on a certain light (with inching settings like 10s)

in google, if the light is turned on → speaker send notification


And I have a wife who is sharp when it comes to closing the fridge door carefully. I’d rather make sure it’s closed than listen to lectures :man_shrugging:


This is a great idea, that is why we need a vritual switch, so we do not need to sacrifice a light or anything else.

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