How to play music from a speaker if the door opens

Hi all,
I just installed my new sonoff door sensors on the doors of my apartment.
I was wandering if I can connect ewelink to my speakers that are connected to google home, so that if the doors open the speaker start playing music.
Thanks everyone for the help and suggestions.

Alexa have a feature named routines, which allows users to customize music playing when a device status changes, haven’t find the similar feature in Google Nest yet.

I checked now as well, you can create a routine on google home with a smart device action as a starter, however my SONOFF DW2 WIFI Wireless Door/ Window Sensors do not come up as an option.

What you could maybe do is set up a scene on eWelink to switch a light on if a door opens and then use the light as the starter to play music on the speaker

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