Sonoff Wifi Door sensor

Hello everyone! I intend to buy a window opening sensor, and my question is if it’s possible to assign it a specific sound (let’s say a siren) to notify me when it’s opened. I already have several devices connected, so it would be great if this particular one could notify me in this way. Thank you, and have a great week!

There are Zigbee sirens on the market. But they shouldn’t be useful as a deterrent. Rather as a doorbell. What I have is a classic12V-24V siren and the Sonoff SV module 5-24 V. The classic siren is a “real” one and the Sonoff module makes it smart.

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I apologize if my questions seem silly; I am very ignorant on the subject. I will go with the idea you suggested as it seems to be the best one. Now, my question is: suppose I install a sensor on a door, and when it opens, it triggers the alarm, which will obviously work as a security system (that’s what I intend). The issue I’m facing is that it would be “armed” all the time, and what I’m looking for is to have it function as a home alarm that I can activate at my discretion. For example, only during the night, and during the day, it would allow me to have the door open (I hope you understand).

It is not silly at all. An alarm system basically depends on certain factors:

  • When is the alarm activated? (manually or via automations)
  • How is an alarm triggered? (i.e. motion sensors, door/window sensors)
  • How can you disarm it, just before it goes off
  • What does the alarm actually do? (noise, lights. notifications…)
  • How do you disarm it?
  • Also: What if guests, friends etc. enter the house? Can the alarm be remotely deactivated?

This leaves a whole lot of logic issues and dependencies of devices. I am not too familiar with what Cube offers onboard. But I myself use Home Assistant for tasks of this complexity. I also integrated (smart) smoke detectors in the alarm system. All light go on, I get a notification. Just before it goes off, Alexa gives a warning though, that the alarm will go off in ten seconds if not deactivated - which you can do with either a code word or a specific button on a specific remote etc.

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You can easily do it using Alexa smart speaker. Create a routine with the door sensor type as the action type(when this happens) and do whatever you want (add action).