Sonoff with input for external signals

Would really like to have a sensor (WiFi) with an input for external signals, e.g. alarm from a heat pump, signal from the home alarm if it is alarmed or an already built-in magnetic contact. I really miss being able to control sonoff stuff with an external signal.

Is that something that SonOff are working on?


It is possible to do this already with the MINIR2, the only downside is it is mains operated. It has inputs for a light switch which you can use to trigger the mini and use scenes to control other devices. You must watch however as these inputs do have a voltage on them, so be careful! I have them connected to my alarm system via a 12v 8 Channel Relay Module with OPTO-Isolated contacts, so they are isolated from each other. It has worked flawlessly for a good couple of years, switching on lights in the event of an alarm and turning devices on and off when we set and unset the alarm.

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I had always assumed it was just connected to a pin and the low voltage with a low maximum current. What voltage is it?

Hi @cjxxcj,
Sonoff does have a door magnetic contact which is wifi operated, model DW2-WiFi. Better yet, they have a zigbee contact which is more reliable.