Zigbee sensor with bare wires input

Is there a Sonoff sensor I could use which has a “bare wires” input?
I would like to use a signal from the house intruder alarm to trigger a Zigbee device in the same way as the Sonoff motion sensor and window/door sensor operates.
Many thanks.

The ZBMini should be able to do what you are looking for (using the S1/S2 terminals)

Thank you for the suggestion. I did look at the ZBMini but I thought this might be overkill for what I need.
My alarm system has a latching relay (volt free) and has inputs for normally open (NO) and normally closed (NC). When the alarm is triggered, the relay is activated, and I planned to use this input to trigger a Zigbee sensor. The ZBMini will do this as you suggest but I don’t need to switch anything – all I need is the alert to my phone. Something rather like the window/door sensor (SNZB-04) with wiring directly on to the reed relay would be a more economical solution. I guess my description of “bare wires” input is rather misleading.
Many thanks, I will investigate the ZBMini anyway.

Yes, you won’t use the core function of the ZBMini - but the price of the ZBMini is similar to the SNZB-04. I doubt that you will find something significantly cheaper than this.

I know that some people use the Mini (ZB or Wifi) connected to the relay of an inverter to determine the state of the incoming power (loadshedding) - which is basically the same thing you want to do for your alarm system