Universal digital monitoring device

I need a 8 or 16 chanel digital monitoring device where I can monitor and active my current alarm system.

What kind of alarm system do you use? Do you manage the system yourself? What do you want to monitor?

Good day.
It is a Paradox Alarm system. I have to manage it myself. I dont want to use too many apps. It would be easier for me and my wife to have one app for home automation including our existing alarm.

I would like to monitor all alarm inputs. Doors and PIR sensors. All of the sensors are already installed AND using one power supply. I dont want to have too many devices to replace batteries.

You might want to put some relays on your outputs and connect them to the sonoff modules. You will then have to create an action for each output of your alarm system.
I have an output of my Galaxy alarm system linked via a relay to a Sonoff module that switches on in the event of an alarm and switches on all my lighting in the house and garden via the Sonoff.

I understand the fitment of relays. What module would you suggest?
The way that I see it, if there is a universal digital input unit working with a low voltage (12V), it will open a lot of posibilities to connect any tipe of switch/sensor and Sonoff does not need to dobany new designs to accomodate the request for new sensor or switches. It will make it easier for both Sonoff and the customer.

I took an output from my Galaxy central unit and placed a relay behind it for galvanic isolation
This relay connected to the S1 and S2 of a sonoff mini
This switches on in the event of an alarm and triggers all my Sonoff lighting modules.
The sonoff mini also gives a push message when switched on, but so does my alarm system of course.