Which sonoff device to monitor and sync my computer and device on the next room

hello wanted to ask which sonoff can meet my needs, need a smart switch that would monitor/detect if my pc is on/off and sends/commands a 2nd Sonoff device wirelessly tp do the same on my watercooling PSU to turn it on or off located on the next room

wireless switch 1

detect if my computer (device 1) is powered on/off (trigger volt is either 3.3/5/12volts)

wireless switch 2 (relay)

turns on/off external watercooling setup (device 2) = options can turn on/off a 220v outlet to power on a PSU or can just simply connect a circuit (relay dry connection) like the pwr_on and GND on a atx PSU 24pin to start the PSU

prefered smart device that would run on 5volts

was looking at 2x RE5V1c but not sure if it can monitor a volt input as a trigger or if this would work

With a switch with power monitoring feature like SONOFF POW series and setup a scene to trigger another smart switch?

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