Sonoff S31 voltage and current in IFTTT

I purchased the Sonoff S31 for voltage and current readings in IFTTT. I also had to pay for the upgrade to get it into IFTTT. But when I select electrical current/voltage goes above or below, my S31 outlet does not show up as an option to choose from. How do I resolve this issue?

The S31 is temporarily only recognized as a switch in IFTTT, so you’ll see it under the trigger and action “1-Channel Switch/Plug turned on or off”.

Any idea on a timeline to resolve this as you indicated it was temporary? Is there a restapi that could give me the needed data?

The time required for the device to report data may cause delays in the IFTTT applet, let us dig further.
Please referring to eWeLink developer platform:
Platform Overview - CoolKit Open Platform 4.2 (

I’ve got a SONOFF iPlug S40TPB and, similar to the poster jackumpe, I am also tying to use voltage or current as a trigger in IfTTT.

You guys did make some progress with IfTTT, originally the device wasn’t working at all with IfTTT, and it was also forgetting its previous state. Both of those are now addressed, yay, but the reason I bought it was specifically to use current monitoring to trigger an IfTTT alert, not the switch’s on/off state.

I’ve already cancelled my IfTTT Pro account, and I’ll be letting my eWeLink Pro subscription lapse… if you please can’t add voltage and/or current to IfTTT triggers. (And my S40 switches will get put in a drawer and probably never used.)

May I know how you would like to create an IFTTT applet?

I’m not sure I understand the question.

IfTTT → Create → If this [add] → search “ewe” → eWeLink Smart Home → Electric current goes above or below → Which device? No options available.

My S40 does not appear.

I’d like to receive alerts if current is being drawn after 5pm, as it means a staff left a device on at work.