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I have more 25 years experiences into IT & electronic microsystem field and I’m using your devices over 5 years. Based on these, I can suggest you, if you allow me, few important improvements from hardware and obviously software point of view:

  1. generally speaking into automation microsystem you take into account 2 aspects: the command and and the reaction/effect of command (what happened with your command). If the command is referring to one device what is situated near you, ok you can see the effect but if the device is situated over the sea is difficult to see what happened. Ok you can create a routine using Alexa but in your portfolio of products there is only on device (Sonoff DW2 WiFi) for sending the command (feedback). Almost you devices are designed for receiving the command. I suggest you to have a more devices with this kind of capabilities and maybe a simple free contact is enough .
  2. Maybe you can adapt some devices with more channel in order to have available relays with free contacts which can be used for different commands, not only for power voltage 220/110v and current. For instead for small current and low voltage can be used for sending as command into other system.
    Thank you


Thanks for your expertise. We’ll keep improving our products.

About your second suggestion, are you proposing a relay with dry contacts to control DC devices?

yes, something similar!
thank you

I think there are such devices and modules (board) from Sonoff and other eWeLink partners:

Like this one:

I’m in favor. there is a lack of such devices. It would be useful to have devices with ZigBee and Matter technology. You need a MINIR4 device with potential-free contacts. The ZBMICRO device is also proposed to be converted to potential-free contacts. The devices are widely used but lack potential-free contacts.

Devices with potential-free contacts offer a wide range of applications. can be controlled
using direct voltage, alternating voltage. you can control the furnace and all electronics.

I know these devices. but we need something new that doesn’t use clouds. full local control via zigbee or matter

Devices with potential-free contacts offer a wide range of applications. can be controlled
using direct voltage, alternating voltage. you can control the furnace and all electronics.

The product you refer to is exactly what we are doing now and is expected to launch in Q4. Stay tuned.

the great news. Too bad it’s only in Q4

Thank you!

I checked the respective device and I agree with you. Do you have a reference of device with 2 channel?

Vasile Chercea

Relays with free contacts would be handy. I have used sonoff modules for operating gate openers by cutting the pcb around the relay to isolate it from 230v.

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Hi, Lack of an input device is the big issue for me. I have been modifying the MINI R2 so they work from a 5V supply and I can close an external contact to make an input go on and off. It works well, but I want to be able to buy a standard product which does not require modification. The product that is missing is an input device that can be supplied from 12V or 240V (could be 1 channel or 4 channel) and the closing of an external contact will create an input signal. I find it amazing that there is still no input device like that which would be the sister to the 4 channel output module (4Ch Pro). Please can Sonoff consider such a product which would greatly increase the possibilities for customised systems.

Hi, from my point of view, based on my work from last years, main issue regarding the devices in coming from revers command. What I mean: there are many devices which accept command from my mobile, for instance: power on/off light, power on/off motors, and so on but I have few devices for send me back the info regarding the one event. For instance, I’m using the DW2 (door magnetic contact) to monitor my door. Basically the inputs are coming from device and my phone is waiting the event. I modified it in order to have available an simple/free contact for using into another application not only as magnetic contact.
The matter is easy: I send a command to, let’s say, motor and when the motor “done the jobs”, one final contact tells/send me that, the task is done!

We are developing the DRY contact product as you mention.

Input: DC and AC
Output: NC/NO free contact
External S1 and S2 for dry signal input.

Expected to be released in Q4.

Sorry for not being on this topic, but I want to get through to you.

I setup a sonoff dual R3 device the other night so a panic alarm sent from England on chan 1(from eWeLink) operates a light and a siren, here in Ireland. We then send back an acknowledgment by turning on and off chan 2 a few times. The local and distant phones see everything displayed in eWeLink.
Simple and works.

Yes, that is possible! This is a “workaround”.
You wrote " We then send back…" and the idea is to avoid the human intervention. In this mini-project if you use, as I said, one specific device you can convert light or sound into micro contact(free contact for sonoff) and the respective device will automatically send a message to your phone!