I'm looking for a Sonoff device that sends the on or off position of a remote switch to my phone

I’m looking for a Sonoff device that sends the on or off position of a remote switch to my phone.

What’s the

exactly mean?

Yes you are correct. I explain with an exemple
Water tank level simple switch work perfectly.
But I can’t control this info from my office.
Thanks for your interest

Until today, we can control some devices remotely, but these devices cannot send us information, some simple information, such as pressure is very high, water is full, electricity is cut off, etc.,
all information that can be obtained from the contacts of a relay, I am waiting for Sonoff devices that will send this information to us.

If I understood your problem correctly, I use the WebHook function in the scene where I activate the macro link in the MakroDroid application of my phone.

My problem is that there is no hardware which sends me (to my telephone) the contact position of an external instrument.
How your MakroDroid application is in communication with a contact of an external instrument. (like a water pump contactor)
Thanks Cengiz

Communicates via webhook, advanced plan is required. This is what the scene that triggers the MacroDroid action looks like:


How sensitive is the device to Voltage/current? The MInis usually go behind light switches and have 2 switch contacts. No idea what voltage or current it draws though. You could isolate the device with a relay or optocouple if need though. The switch might be just the voltage of the PCB and a tiny current though. Never measured it. Hopefully Sonoff/EWeLink Staff can say

Dear Eerke
I need remote information about a contact position of a swich at home
A) Contact lips are touching each other and provide 5V or 24volt output.
B) there is a distance between lips and no voltage/zero voltage on output of the contact.

Is there any eWeLink device which can dedact this voltage and send to my telephone an information about the existence of a voltage other then zero on the contact of the swich.
I mean I need swich status. From my telephone.

I need En equipment which can detect the voltage and send this info to my phone

Need Any eWeLink equipment for this

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If you can find out the voltage and current requirement for the Sonnof mini you could probably just build a potential divider with two resistors.

Might be easier just to put a relay between the two that is activate by 5V, which is the voltage the common hobbyist Arduino mostly use, so should be really easy to get. I think they’re limited to 250V AC and several amps but realistically it’s very unlikely the mini would overload one as well doubt standard wall switches for which it is designed are that highly rated

Just connect the 5V relay control to your device and the output wires to the S1 and S2 of a Sonoff Mini. Add the mini to your eWeLink account and turn on push notifications. Now you will know when the circuit is closed or opened.

When you said 5V or 24V you meant you can select it, correct?