Status reporting of an appliance


I’m looking for a Sonoff device that works with ewelink that can send me me a simple on or off status.

It can be either by connecting the inputs to a low voltage or by having a photoresistor input.

The device will not need to do any switching, just report if an appliance is in use or not.

The appliance that I want to connect the device to has an led that turns on when that appliance is in use and need a ewelink compatible device that can report the in-use or not-in-use status.

Perhaps a POW or R3 Dual may help detect the status of the appliance by its power consumption?

I use a mini light switch to detect if the garage door is open or shut.
I then have a scene that lights a different light to tell me the status.
The input can be anything, I used a mag switch but your use would need a photoresistor and a opto isolator maybe, there would be a simple board available.
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