Is there a sonoff dry contact device that can be triggered from ihost to close a circuit

Is there some way I can close a contact from ihost with some device be it sonoff or not? I have a design using SMATE2 which senses the pressing of a door bell using pulse mode. The SMATE2 triggers a TX Ultimate sound and lights through ihost, where ihost is the remote gateway. The user then presses the TX ultimate switch 1 which should then trigger a yet to be determined device which closes the contact in a door bell system for 3 seconds which opens the front door. However I am. Not aware of any sonoff or non sonoff device which has a separately operable dry contact which I can trigger for this purpose.

Alternatively I could actually use a switchbot or fingerbit to press the contact button on the “dumb” doorbell. However I’m not sure how to trigger a switchbot or fingerbot from ihost. Can ihost send a notification to Google home somehow? If yes then I can use Google home to trigger the switchbot. Any help would be appreciated.

Loop in @Daniel_Zhan from SONOFF team.

The “Dry Contact” product is on our product roadmap, expected to be released in the second half of 2024.

Or you can use the 4CHPROR3 for dry contact purposes. If you need one channel product, need to wait for the new product released.