IHost and curtain switch


I just bought a Sonoff iHost and all my 3 curtain switches are not seen in the device list.
They work fine with ewelink app but as they don´t have the LAN control option, i can´t use them witn iHost.
So, do you know a model of curtain switch who is compatible with iHost (v1.8.0)
Thanks a lot.

What’s the model of them?
May i know the device ID for check? thanks.


Thanks for your reply. Here is the model.

Those devices without LAN mode capability can not be found and added to iHost, please check with the sellers which one support LAN mode first, eWeLink is a solution provider, we do not make nor sell any end products, while the feature choice is up to the Brands/manufacturers.

About the LAN Control, that’s what i said in my first message.
I just wanted to ask to everybody in the forum, if they know a compatible model.
But thanks for your answer.

I have the same problem, but the device does have LAN control.
In the settings it says FW Name PSF-B04-GL
I don’t see it in iHost, but I do see it in the ewelink app on my phone

Forgot to mention ID 10012050a2


What is the model of curtain switch you have with LAN control ?

I have some different.
One of not working in iHost but working in ewelink model is:

Other one is Sonoff, but will not have acces to it until couple of days when I will back home

Hello , I have exactly the same issue. IHost does not support this device and I need an alternative for LAN control. Did you find something? Thanks