Ihost not allowing to control sonoff devices

hello, thanks in advance for any reply, support, or even just a comment…I’ll learn in any case !
my ihost, installed,few days ago, is accessible from my PC and can control ( switch on/off) my sonoff devices from my PC. but when I try to access to my ihost from my tablet or my mobile, connected to the same home wifi network ( the same of the one used in my PC) , even oif I can login and see the same list of devices, I cannot operate any action on the devices. I can see their status , I can even see the status change if I operate a switch on or off from my PC or from ewelink App, BUT no way to control. I tried to restart, reboot, re-install evelink smart home, I even did the update of Ihost to the veraoon 1.13.0…no effect. I hope you can suggest me where I’m wrong…Thanks !!

Hello All…
No replies…no answers…
.maybe…I’m asking too strange support?

same problem with ihost fw 1.13.3.

I have the same problem on samsung galaxy s20 with chrome browser. But this problem has been there from the very beginning. Unable to open tile options and control device. After logging in to ihost. local/cast control works normally.

Still same problem here if I try to access to Ihost with my samsung A53 , same with tablet S6; when I access via PC it works…!..why ??