My concerns about iHost

Hi for all,

I recently purchased an iHost with the expectation that it would solve a lot of the problems I have with automating my devices. Dozens of times the internet has gone down and the lights turned off and windows closed. Countless times I felt helpless. The LAN Control option never worked here and I admire those who are lucky enough to have this feature. So iHost emerged as a possibility to solve this kind of problem, as I would have the opportunity to control my devices locally. However, the limitation of everything being local with no remote access is frustrating.

For over a year I sent countless complaints, suggestions, logs, screenshots to iTead, Sonoff and EWeLink, trying to justify the relevance of having the “stop” option in the Dual R3. Countless times I was misunderstood and questioned why I would have to have this function. Why would anyone want to stop a curtain when it is closing? Fortunately I was graced with the feature and today I can say Alexa stop the curtain.

Having the ability to run devices locally is a dream of many here, but not commanding them remotely or by voice will be a step backwards and a disservice. I am hopeful that in the EWeLink CUBE roadmap and strategy is the possibility that we will have a hybrid ecosystem. It’s not rocket science, just doing what you’ve always done well.


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There is some discussion about that in “iHost future” thread.
Of course I agree that remote access is essential for iHost. Especially I dont have public IP and I dont want to use VPN.

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The eWeLink CUBE is a local server deployed in your home. In addition to supporting SONOFF brand and eWeLink supported products, users can connect various devices of other brands to eWeLink CUBE through various Addons for unified management.

Then there is the question: Is it illegal in some regions to sync data from other brands to the eWeLink Cloud for devices that connect to local servers through third-party Addon, especially if they are accessed through a Hack? Will it cause infringement to manufacturers of other brands? - This is why we have always stated that we will not actively synchronize any data from your local system to any cloud end.

Even if it is legal, there is a cost for eWeLink Cloud to connect these third-party devices to the cloud and provide various cloud services - who will be responsible for this cost(These third party branded devices connected to the eWeLink CUBE system have not paid any fees for the eWeLink Clund)? Are users willing to pay a subscription fee for this?

Finally - because the eWeLink CUBE is localized and open, you can connect these devices to Alexa, Google Home and even IFTTT in other ways (Node-red, for example). There is no need for eWeLink Clould to enable remote control or third-party platform access.

I’m not an expert so if I’m talking nonsense just ignore it.
I was thinking about easy access to my local cast page. That wouldn’t use your cloud. Maybe there is a way to do that using some of the add ons. If yes which one?

By configuring DMZ or NAT on your router, you can access your home iHost directly from anywhere over IP and use the CAST.

There is no need for eWeLink Clould to enable remote control, just some configuration on your router. In this area, if many users do not know how to configure, we can consider doing some reference introduction.

Some refer here: What is a DMZ and how to configure DMZ host

If no fixed public IP address is available, you can use the DDNS service.

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Thanks, but it is more complicated for me. I donn"t have public IP. I have only private IP so I’ve tried VPN but it does not work properly in my network. That’s why I was curious if there is maybe somthing like HA and cloudflare (works with private IP).

Thank you again. I see you really want to help me. But when I’m writing private IP I mean something like this
You can use DDNS for a public Ip which changes once a day f.e.

Hi Alexia,

I would like a guide to be added which will give step by step instructions on how to make necessary router configuration changes to give iHost remote access.

Also, I would love to pay a subscription fee to get hassle-free remote access for all my Sonoff/third-party devices in iHost similar to Nabu Casa subscription for Home Assistant users.


Hi Alexie,

Any chance you can share how you configure NAT to access iHost…
I’m usually doing this kind of config to access my other local machines, but somehow for iHost i’m not able to get it working…

Tried DMZ, NAT with specific ports but none work…

Has anyone managed to get access to local iHost through Router from Internet ?

Only tried with the TailScale VPN docker and that works. The IP address is on the TailScale app and the you just add “/cast/“. You can also access the host itself but that is terrible on a small screen.