Google Home & eWeLink and Smart Door Bells

I currently use a wifi front door bell/ camera which works with Google Home. Is there a way to add it to my eWeLink Cast Dashboard? I was unable to pick up/ add the wifi front door bell to eWeLink.

check if that doorbell camera had rtsp option , if it has rtsp then activate it and then use it with Ihost or nspanel or even with camsync docker , if there is no rtsp then nothing to do

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Thanks, I will contact support.

A google-nest doorbell? Google insist on using their cloud. I have my doorbell connected to my Home Assistant but I had to sign up for a Google Developer Account. Google is theoretically making things simpler but I haven’t seen much evidence.
If it’s not made by google you may have more luck and it’ll have a standard camera stream for eWeLink to access.

@mattpanex I’m not sure if it supports RTSP, which is a standardized streaming protocol eWeLink uses for third-party cameras, as @tammeryousef mentioned.

How is that? I am considering getting one for testing.

:smiling_face:If the camera supports RTSP, add it to the CamSync docker and wait for the July update of CAST (planned to be released mid-month).

It depends on whether you plan on selling the house of stay. Of the big name ones it is probably the best and most people already have a google account to sign into it, but if you plan on staying I would get a better camera from a less well known name as they can often stream locally, whilst this you have to stream from the google cloud and the wifi radio is not great. I believe google-nest have released a new one so maybe they fixed this issue.
Overall, I would only get it if you plan on moving and want a big name that is easy to pass on because there are better options out there.