Auto camera live view on Echo Show

Last month when the public test started, our user viewed his camera live feed on Echo Show and then suggested setting up the camera to Alexa routines. For example, when the camera detects motion, the live feed will be automatically streaming to Echo Show. Not only hands-free, but also voice-free!

If eWeLink support cameras could be added to Alexa routines, what actions you will add except auto live view? Will you create a routine like: turn on living room lights when motion is detected by front door cam?

Post your routine ideas down in the comments. Let’s see what we can do with more cam features.


I want more Google routines, like if door sensor (ewelink) actívate play alarms in Google nest or actívate my Xiaomi camera. Please eWeLink add more routines with door sensors

The triggering of an Alexa routine opens up multiple possibilities

  • switching on lights in that zone of the house
  • turning on music
  • locking or unlocking devices
  • Alexa greets you with the news /weather /agenda etc

eWeLink sensors can already be added to Alexa routines, and the cameras can be soon. However, at Google side, they haven’t integrated the nest cam to Alexa routine yet.

A detecção de presença mesmo no modo “Baixo” detecta presença apenas pelo fan ligado do meu gabinete. Sem chances de rotina para um sensibilidade tão “inexplicável”.

Hi there, you meant the camera detection is too sensitive even you set the sensitivity to “Low”? Could you provide more details of your application? Thanks in advance!

I’d like to see an option to direct Cam Slim output to a Fire TV or Googlecast device. I have a dedicated TV (an old one), that shows Fire TV images off in a corner. Great for watching video feed from cameras.

Hey there, thanks for the suggestion! Our team is evaluating this feature. Will keep you posted if there is any news.

Good/ Pleased to hear that you are listening for requests