[FREE DISSUSSION] Do you have a Nest camera in your home?

Do you have a Nest camera in your home? Where are you using it?
And except for viewing the real-time video of the camera, what feature do you want eWeLink app can do?

Share your ideas and suggestions :100: :raised_hands:

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Hello, I have 4 Nest Cams with Accu. I get a message with a short video as soon as there is an animal, a car, or a person in the set area. In the process I can then see the entire video and also download it. Since Nest Cams have a person recognition, it is also immediately displayed who was seen there. In contrast to the simple motion detection of other cams, this is a huge improvement. Previously I had worked with other cams, received over 100 messages in the morning. Spiders in front of the lens, flies, moving parts in wind and storms were recorded. It was worse when it rained, because I had to switch off the cams because they were delivering continuous fire. Nest Cams are super responsive to pets (dog/cat/mouse), vehicles, and people. A dream if that were possible with the Sonoff Cams.

Ah eWeLink I set a nest camera beside the gate, and it will alert me when the package arrives! I think the notification is important

My neighbour has 2 Nest Cameras outside pointing at the back lane out the rear of house, I installed a 4CHPROR3 on his roller garage door, and a DW1 RF Contact sensor to notify open closed state.
It would be cool if eWeLink could send a snapshot or Video clip from Nest on Door Up momentary switch state change or DW1 open state alarm on.

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Counterquestion: how is pairing and using of a Nest camera possible with eWelink? Is a Nest Hub necessary?

Currently we’re working on syncing the Nest cam to eWeLink. If you linked your Google account, you’ll be able to control the cam on eWeLink. However, you need to pair and add the Nest camera on Google Home App first.

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We are working on this actually, still dig to figure out how to sync NEST cams with eWeLink,
it seems there’s a open API, but details so blur.

Something want to achieve is that NO hub required, just the same process like account linking, more time needed.