SNZB-03 time delay between "Motion detected" and "No Motion": how to reduce it?

There is normally a certain time (about 1 min) from when we get the “Motion detected” status, to go back to the “No Motion” status.
Is it possible to reduce it ? How ?

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I believe there’s no uncomplicated way to reduce it. I hope Sonoff releases motion sensors that are smarter.

Heavy plus one to this request, the RF version of the same sensor has 5 second cooldown and this 1 minute cooldown period renders ZB useless for my workflows!

When will an update be released to change this time?! :smirk: :roll_eyes:

For SNZB-03 it will never be released.

In general the zigbee devices from Sonoff are not reliable, because they are slow, week RF signal, does not work as espected. Change them for the correspondent Aqara sensors (motion, door) that will work a lot better. But check the compatibility list first.