Delayed start of Motion sensor (SNZB-03) when armed Away mode



  1. Set iHost to Away mode
  2. Delay 1 minute
  3. Start motion sensor monitoring scenario

What happens:

  1. I set iHost to away mode
  2. There is delay 1 minute from activation of motion sensor monitoring scenario.
    But: if motion sensor (which detects motion continuously regardless of scenario status) detects any motion even during this delay, then
  3. After 1 minute delay iHost starts motion sensor monitoring scenario and this scenario sees motion in past (I don’t know why, but motion event is still active) and fires alarm (according to scenario).

So the question is.
How to reset any motion events before activating motion sensor monitoring scenario? I need some time to leave my apartment after I armed system to Away mode.

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I would get myself a sonoff remote (snzb01p, the round puck thingie) to arm/disarm the Ihost and use node red/WhatsApp palette to get notification on arming/disarming the alarm as well as any sensor activation.
Easy peasy, not sure if this would work in your case though.
Edit:Callmebot palette to be exact. Works like a charm.


I already use this button to arm/disarm and all works fine, even iHost disables it with scenario in case system is in alarm mode (so intruder won’t be able to disarm it with this button as it isn’t PIN protected), and disarm in alarm mode will be available only through Casted web page.

But my question wasn’t about it at all :slight_smile:

My question was about motion sensor snzb-03 and movement detection event, this event is active and firing to scenarios in continuous manner, not as a one time event. So movement event in the PAST is being captured by newly activated (enabled) motion sensor monitoring scenario.

Didn’t catch this, seems weird. Is this some node red automation?
Built in smart scenes editor and alarm isn’t exactly “predictable” to my mind. :crazy_face:

I use built-in iHost scenarios automation.

Built in smart scenes editor and alarm isn’t exactly “predictable” to my mind.

Yes, moreover, you can’t turn off the alarm in scenario, no such function :rofl:
It is turning off only by switching between security profiles (Away to Home).
So, in fact, system is always in armed mode, that wasn’t so obvious to me until I started to test automation. Armed/disarmed status is completely useless. All is done with profiles.
I can’t say that this solution (iHost) is ready for use so far.

Just got SNZB-03P version of this motion sensor.
I has Detection Period setting (from description: Report no one present after specified duration of time). The interval can be set between 5 and 60 seconds.
So I can just set it to 5 seconds (means it will reset motion event after 5 seconds) and my problem has been solved.
The previous version of this sensor (without P letter) doesn’t have this setting.
Great :slight_smile: