Smart Security delayed on and off

smart security it would be interesting to be able to put an activation and deactivation delay in each mode.
Currently if you want to put smart security from the ihost manually with the Physical button and you have a door exit sensor, the alarm will be activated before you can leave. In the same way that if you get home and open the door and the alarm is activated, you will not be able to deactivate it without the alarm going off. For this reason it would be interesting to put an optional time delay in the activation and deactivation of the alarm modes.

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Hi there, actually right now, adding delay to Scene actions is already available. As for delaying the trigger, our tech team will evaluate the technical feasibility first. We will keep you posted when there is any update. Thank you

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What I have seen is to set the operating date, but I have not seen a delay of seconds for manual activation and deactivation
I’m confused?

Delay can be added to both manual scenes and auto scenes.

Actually the topic is in the wrong category as I read it is actually about the iHost.
I believe what @webs means is that you can’t turn on the alarm with a delay. At the screenshot below I indeed don’t see a delay feature:

For most people they need some time between activating the alarm and actually closing the door behind them. A delay in a scene can’t solve this puzzle as you can’t arm/disarm the eWeLink alarm with it. So the same feature request could apply for the eWeLink app / NSPanel Pro / Zigbee bridge Pro which all have the same alarm feature.

Indeed, I mean ihost. and I mean when I use the physical button of the ihost to activate and deactivate the alarm.

Ah the button with the shield icon on top of the iHost.

Yes, to that button

The ideal would also be to be able to send SMS or WhatsApp. alarm alert, but that is already asking a lot.

Sorry for the misunderstanding, but it’s google translate.

With Node-RED you can accomplish that. You can set a Zigbee device connected to the iHost as trigger and use CallMeBot to send a message to WhatsApp.

Yes, I have done it with node-red, but I have not been able to link to be able to turn off with the top button of ihost.

the ihost button activates, the mode that is defined by default, home mode, away mode etc. It would be ideal to be able to configure a mode with delay and sms

With which, either I deactivate it with another button or it continues sending WhatsApp every time my sensor detects movement. node-red I have not been able to link it to the top button of the ihost.

Operating more hardware parts of the iHost from within Node-RED is planned for the end of this year they said.

Node-RED has filter nodes to prevent executing a command over and over (like sending a WhatsApp message).

ok, thank you