Alarm trigger can not activate a device

I found that alarm feature is crippled by not be able to trigger a device or a scene,when will this be addresed?


I gave it a try and iHost’s alarm could trigger actions like toggling switch for me.

What have u set?

Yes i also own ihost and it has that capability,but you can not do this in ewelink app when using ns panel pro,i do not own zb bridge pro but im guessing it can not do this eather

Hi fruvita67,

You could consider adjusting the triggering conditions for the security alarm system to correspond to specific scenarios and desired device responses.

Typically, security alarms react to changes in sensor statuses, activating alerts through the system’s gateway. You could explore setting up scenarios where alterations in sensor conditions trigger switches on other devices following an alert.

If this won’t meet your needs, please let us know your use case so we can get it better.

Also, the alarm linkage we’ve implemented on iHost for other devices does have some minor shortcomings at the moment. This is primarily due to its reliance on listening for a gateway device issuing an audible alert, which can result in false triggers if, for instance, the gateway’s sound volume is being adjusted.

We’re actually considering removing this feature from iHost.

I hope this info will help.