Smart Wall Switch M5 randomly disconnects


I have about 20+ M5 smart switches at home and the problem is that most of these devices randomly disconnect from time to time. The light flashes, and I can’t reconnect using the ewelink app. When I try to I get the following message every time.

I have checked many times that the wifi is ok and also the number of connected devices is not an issue.

The only workaround I have found so far is to unmount the device and mount it again manually.

Is there any permanent solution?

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Unfortunately, I have a same problem. I have mixed the old and new Sonoff sensors all around the house, but only the new type sensors/switches with the LCD display, disconnects from the wifi. The rest of them still online. Very annoying

I have the same issue with wall switches. They work for a while then disconnect. For me the WiFi light is solid blue. The nearest mesh WiFi access point is only a couple of metres away.