M5 connect and disconnect

I have M5 but it is evry time connect and disconnect and stopped and not working before turn off electricity and on it again
And can not link with SONOFF T2EU-RF link only with r5
I want sonoff make r5with one gang
If you want to upgrade from SONOFF TX Series WiFi Wall Switches to SwitchMan Smart Wall Switch-M5
You must to know you can not link it if you link tx switch with t2eu-rf you lose you money coz rf not work with M5

Mohamed, you cannot use T2EU-RF with M5 because it’s technically impossible. RF stands for “radio frequency”. This remote operates on 433MHz and this is very much different from eWeLink Remote that is needed to control M5. It’s your misunderstanding and not a fault. If you want to use T2EU-RF with M5, you need Sonoff RF bridge.
You’re right. R5 with any less buttons than six could be useful for some, indeed.