Smartswitch and remote

i am trying to pair smartswitch with sonoff 433 remote but unsuccessful using the app. i also tried to pair it with other type remote 433 but still unsuccessful cessfu

how to do it?

Which one?

tested smartswitch with this two remote

Firstly, the RF433 remote controls do not connect via an app but directly to the device you wish to control. Secondly, your smart switch does not look like it supports RF433. Read the instruction manual for your switch.

this in the manual

The issue is complex. Here is a brief explanation. eWeLink and Sonoff are not the same thing. I have not been able to establish a relationship between both, but it seems that both are embodiments of an entity called ITEAD. Sonoff designs and manufactures the devices, eWeLink develops the software and maintain the cloud service. Sonoff is the main but not the sole customer of eWeLink’s software. I know of at least a few brands using eWeLink solutions (such as KingArt, Eachen, CoolKit, 嵩诺). Your switch belongs to the “other brands” group. I once asked on the forum about the connections but did not get any clear answer. Chinese companies are notorious for this approach. Compare with Xiaomi and an entire range of related and subsidiary brands, like Mi or Lumi.
Now about the remote control. The eWeLink Remote is not the same as RF433-based control. They are two completely different solutions. There is no way to bind RF433 remote with your switch. You need, for example, a Sonoff RFR2 to use the remote you have purchased. Some wall switches from the SONOFF TX Series also support RF433. Due to interference problems with 433MHz transmission, this has been abandoned. So, there are no more new RF devices in the Sonoff offer.
Another part of the saga is a solution called “eWeLink Remote”. Behind this term, there are two incompatible implementations. One is used by Sonoff (R5 or S-MATE2 controllers). I excersize it daily, and it works very well. As it seems, the initial enthusiasm for its implementation has subsided at Sonoff.
The other, and I think older, implementation is used by other manufacturers. I saw a remote control like that only once. Despite the almost identical name (eWeLink Remote), these solutions do not work with each other. Nothing is known about the technology, because eWeLink does not make any information available. This is a very silly approach.
In any case, either the RF433 controller (e.g. SONOFF RM433R2) or the eWeLink-Remote (e.g. Sonoff S-Mate) will not work with your switch. I know this from personal experience. So give up hope and don’t waste time. Either change the switch or look for an ATLO-RC6-EWELINK remote control.


In my opinion, it is a waste of money for such a remote control, as this iteration of eWeLink-Remote is not being developed and has most likely been abandoned.

thanks, for the explanation. very informative
i am also using R5 scene remote.
but it have 6 switches. i am looking for two gang or 3 gang mechanical switch. so i do not have to redo my house wiring
and for some reason , my wall switch is 4 gang. no one produce 4 gang mechanical switch
anyway noted and thanks

What is your purpose? Can you explain more precisely?

It’s all probably one group and probably a large percentage of them belong to the Chinese government.
The domain can be seen everywhere ewelink appears(* * *

Sonoff and eWelink are probably virtual brands… Ask @Alexie (Founder of ITEAD Studio | SONOFF | eWeLink), but I doubt he’ll say anything. :slight_smile:

ITEAD Studio(manufacturer of Sonoff devices) and CoolKit Technology Co., Ltd. (owner of the eWeLink app) had several offices on different places. Some of the offices of both companies were in the same building and even on the same floor. With both companies growing bigger every day they decided to move the most of the office employees to a completely newly built office to fit them at one place as much as they can.

You won’t discover much. Some sketchy information is available: Shenzhen CoolKit Technology is a nation-level, high-tech company. The CoolKit website introduces even more unknowns. When you open About Us you will learn about Shenzhen Kuzhai Technology Co., Ltd. and read, among other things, this: Up to now, Kuzhai Technology has provided intelligent services for more than 2,000 manufacturers, and has established project cooperation with many industry giants such as Amazon, Huawei, Wanhe, Ricai, Espressif, Tsinghua Tongfang, etc., to provide industry-leading AIoT technical support for different fields. A real puzzle is emerging: ITEAD, CoolKit, eWeLink, Sonoff, Eachen and a few others. Plus Shenzhen Kuzhai.
Why do they not disclose the links between these entities? Who has eaten whom and who is funding the lunch? Most importantly, where is the cloud data stored and who manages and uses it for what? This we do not know. The aggregation of largely anonymous data is not unusual or reprehensible, but… well. I’m not talking about conspiracy, but about basic fairness to customers.

We can certainly assume that the Chinese government, specifically its special services, has free access to all this.

The frontend is based on amazon resources.

That doesn’t bother me much. Governments don’t trade that. Companies do.
Either way, some government has access to our data. If they want to know what the temperature is in my living room, well… there you go.

Unfortunately, the brutal truth is that we will never find out the truth… Because there is a reason why it is so vague at the moment. :slight_smile: