Expanding compatability of the RF 433MHz Bridge

So I recently bought an RF 433MHZ bridge and while the device is absolutely brilliant, the compatibility as sadly left me wanting. I have several RF remote switches that are not recognized by the device and I’m pretty sure they are using fixed codes as well.

Is it possible to upgrade the RF firmware to recognize a greater range of RF codes? Perhaps an advanced feature to enter the codes manually or enter into a raw listening mode?

I would rather all my devices remain within the ewelink app ecosystem as it pretty much covers all my needs as well as LAN control if needed. I have other sonoff devices and it is a bit awkward to have to flash third-party firmware for just the 433Mhz bridge.

Loop @Daniel_Zhan from SONOFF team for further evaluation,
BTW, may I know does the other RF devices are SONOFF brand or not? place a link of on-line shop would be great helpful.

I have a collection of RF433 controlled devices around the house and I had hoped to consolidate their control using the RF 433Mhz Bridge. I managed to pry open the remote controls and take a look at the transmitter chips inside:

Proteam HO1853 - Set of 4 Remote Sockets
The remote for those works with the bridge and it uses a SC52628 NW8G8EB chip.

LIGHT IT! By Fulcrum, 30036-308 WRC LED
The remote does NOT work with the bridge and it uses a ML260TX chip.

I also have a couple of off-brand remote controlled relays they are both not working bridge:

A 6 button relay switch that uses a CI R1530 812.1 chip.
A 4 button relay switch that uses a ADY501 19.12 chip.

I understand that there are limitations to the hardware in the bridge but it would be a great selling point if the EFM8BB1 chip in the bridge is utilized to it’s maximum capability without resorting to 3rd-party firmware.

I was also wondering, is the limitation number of RF devices (64) is a software issue or a hardware one? In my understanding if the RF codes forwarded via the application then it can be broadcast through the RF chip without a storage limitation on how many RF codes.

Anyway the fact that sonoff devices are so open and the implementation of the DIY mode in some of the devices certainly lends a lot of creditably for the brand as it means that those devices can receive community support for a very long time and this adds a great value to all your products.

Keep up the great work!