This is not a compliant. Its a complement for the RFR2 and RFR3

I have 50+ Sonoff power devices installed. I am on my “second lap” of using Sonoff. I discovered Sonoff Basic and Dual’s several years ago, and went nuts. I like their features and cheap price better than one else products. And unfortunately, I wasn’t paying attention. I overlooked their hidden gems. The RFR2 and RFR3 Basic WiFi Switches. AMAZING DEVICES.

When I said I am on my second lap, I mean, after having 30+ Sonoff power on/off devices installed, I replaced e-v-e-r-y single one of them. I started buying the RFR2 and RFR3 Basic WiFi Switch. These two switches have all the features of the Baisc and Dual BUT also have a RF module. I can use generic 433MHz remotes and the Sonoff RM433 Remote to also turn stuff on and off.

I have the RFR2 and RFR3’s EVERYWHERE. Here’s a sample. On my Echo 4th gen and Echo Dot 4th gen power adapter. These two device have a bug. The Person Detection" feature sort of goes lame/dull or null and doesn’t work, until you restart it. So, I put a RFR2 on all of them (22) just to restart the Echo and Dots. I have a RFR2 on every TV, (6). Timed routines, voice, Flic 2 buttons, and my 8 button RM433 Remote, and eWelink scenes from NFC tags all can start/stop my TVs. All the bedroom and living room lamps have a RFR2. The Coffee pot has a RFR2. The Garage Door Opener has a RFR2. (Mine sometimes needs to have power removed and plugged back in, because it hiccups and the light stays on. So, its gets a RFR2. My shop Vac hangs from my garage ceiling and the hose hangs down. How do I turn it on? RM433 Remote, on the wall powers the Shop Vac. The three small fans mounted on the garage walls are powered by a RFR2. Everywhere I can put a RFR2, I have put one. AND then, I replaced every wall switch except the two way switches. EVERY other place including two attics have Sonoff T2 RF versions of the wall switch. All controlled by a RM433 Remote. Living room has two RM433 Remotes, Garage wall, pulldown attic steps, office desk, even the master bath room has a RM433 remote to control lights. EVERY thing is within reach.

I have two ceiling fans that have the Sonoff Dual installed. This allows separate switches for the fan and ceiling light. Thinking of replacing the Dual with two RFR2’s so I also have the RF remote side to turn the fan and light off/on.

Have I explained how lazy I am? I am pretty lazy. And the best part, all these devices are 99% reliable. I have problems right now with two RFR2 and one T2 Wall Switch. swapped out the RFR2s for two others. Worth few dollars for each device. LOVE THEM.

Hey there, so impressed with your experience with the RF devices! We’re also very glad to know you love these gems. They surely will make your life more convenient.
By the way, I’m wondering if you could provide with us some photos of your usage of the RF devices? We’d love to post them to our Facebook page as we think other users might be interested in how you make difference to your household by setting up RF devices.