RFR2 started turning it self off No change, no new FW, just starts

I use the RFR2 and RFR3 Basic switch - everywhere. They are great. I also use the TX RF version of the wall switches. And I keep spares of the RFR2 and RFR3, for just in case and where I can add another.

Lately, both newly setup and already setup/operational RFR2s are not staying turned on. I use them everywhere. Every TV (Samsungs) have an RFR2. They are great, Run them from Alexa routines and the RM433 8 button remotes. All have current firmware. They simply just set “on” for 15-20 minutes then go “off”.

Some are new RFR2 that I setup, and begin this “turns itself off” immediately. And some have been operational for months, and suddenly this same behavior starts. Turn them on, voice, app, or RM433 remote, does not matter, after 20 minutes or so, turn themselves off.

I stood up a new RFR2 to put on my router, and I saw my router was going off and back on automatically (I had Last State set to ON, so it was supposed to turn itself on. But it keeps turning itself off and the firmware turns it back on. I removed it from use a power to the router and used it to power a LED light bulb. I placed it so I could watch it. After about 15 minutes, it start turning itself off and back on. Since its a light bulb, there’s no “boot period”, so it “off and on” immediately.

AND, incidentally one of my TX series Wall Switches is cycling off when I have the wall switch turned on. When you watch the lights on the switch, the "small LED setup light in the right lower corner starts flashing, and the light turns off. I press the main button, and it comes back on. But stays on for only a minute or so, and turns itself off. Not all 8 are doing this, but only 1 or 2 right now.

All of these "RFR2s and Wall switches have been deleted from the app and joined to my network again, (successfully) and still this behavior occurs.

Anyone have any ideas?

Anyone else having these same issues?


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I have the same problem. And turning off after 15 to 20 mins. I had to delete the sofwate devices (ewelink) to avoid the shutdown. My version 3.5.1.

Hello everyone. There is another link with the same rpoblem and there are two temporary solutions that work,l although we do not know why they work.

First solution
Change in the router IP DHCP range to something like X.X.X.100 to X.X.XZ.255

Second solution
Assing fixed IPs to the devices that are giving troubles.

We are expecting since several weeks ago an explanation from Ewelink support but they are in mute…

Did you use Alexa command?
Is it possible to move them to another place to see if the problem still occur?

Did that. Made no difference. Frankly, should not have made a difference either.