Scene operation, LAN mode during Internet / EWElink server failures

Hello, I am trying to understand when scenes will work if there is EWElink server failure OR ISP failure of internet to my house. All of my devices support “LAN MODE”.

  1. I believe that scenes are synchronised and stored in 2 places: on EWElink server and also on the app on my phone. Is that Correct?
  2. Does this mean that scenes WILL ALWAYS WORK so long as my phone app is active and my phone is in my house connected to the local network?
  3. Is it also correct that scenes WILL NOT WORK if my phone is not on local network (I am away from the house) and there has been EWElink server failure OR and ISP failure of internet service to my house?

Thanks, Jonathan.

Hey Jonathan, the scenes are stored in the cloud (AWS based) only, so when there is a connection issue with eWeLink server, scenes are down.

I think you may want to setup a totally local ‘mini-server’ that don’t effected by any network issue, am I right?

Can you elaborate on how to setup a totally local ‘mini server’?

Check this