RF 433 disable option

I purchased a Sonoff 4CH pro R3 with RF 433 module. It, in a rundom way, turn on or off all channels, so It’d be very usefull to have the option to disable/enable the RF module.


This would be very useful so I join this petition too.
After having suffered sudden switch-ons/offs in all 4 channels in a recently purchased 4CHPRO R3, I debugged the issue to ultimately being caused by nearby RF signals interfeering with the RF module in the 4CHPRO unit. In particular, it is a nearby building garage door operated with an RF remote that interfeers so everytime my neighbors go in or out of the building garage and open the garage door, my 4CHPRO R3 switches itself on / off subsequently (all its 4 channels). This is happening on version 1.1 of the 4CHPRO R3 mainboard, since I got an older unit (v1.0 board) which does not seem to be affected by this RF interference. PLEASE eWeLink investigate if you could fix this issue or at least provide the RF disable option.

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A lot of people have the same problem with these devices that respond to random RF433Mhz signals. The very fact of designing such a device is absurd…

Sometimes it’s hard for me to understand what this company’s thought processes are.

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Is there any update in this topic?
We have the same problem.

We have a radio signal interference between the Sonoff 4CHPRO and a Beninca 433MHz gate remote controller.

When the gate is opening, all 4 channel switch ON.

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Same problem here, the first Item I buy from Sonoff that get signals from Everywhere.
Specialty from a car Key

@azizoo320110 @iroda.azmotion
Only update from me is that I had to de-solder the cristal from the board so the RF feature does not function (force break it)
Desperate attempt to make use of the device at least with its WiFi control.
Not ideal but better than nothing.
I also contacted itead customer services to escalate the problem and the solution I got was for them to send me a fixed 4CHPRO R3 but I had to pay postage (which was not too cheap). Let’s see if the new unit works as expected.

I suggest you also escalating the issue to customer services. The more the merrier.