Problem with matter hub nspanel pro

i hope these photos will help you to share from alexa to ewelink using a code not a QR

do the steps above after you pair Philips hue bridge with alexa , after bridge being added go to the device setting of the bridge and follow steps

I tried as you mentioned from Alexa but doesn’t work, I think is a problem with NSPanel / EWeLink.

Anyway, my idea was to have NSPanel to do automations, and Alexa to turn on off bulbs lights via voice( this part works).

NSPanel → Hue (via matter) (doesn’t work)
Alexa → Hue (via matter) (works)

If EWeLink doesn’t work I will switch to another display, maybe Home assist and a tablet

Works now with the way you told me, I don’t know what is goin on, still 0 device found.

What kind of lights are you using with Hue Bridge?