Child Matter Devices Can't be Deleted from App

I added matter bridge and deleted it, but the devices stuck on ewelink and no option to force remove or delete. Kindly see attached

@ward can you delete it please from ewelink servers ?

Hey we are looking into it; Also, do you mind sending logs in your eWeLink app? Many thx!

i did

I had the same problem in March. Only after support intervention, the devices were removed. Adding Ihost matter bridge to the eWeLink application causes such problems.

i opened ticket and its already solved by ewelink team , many thanks

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@tammeryousef @ociepa.ekotox

We will further investigate into the cause of such abnormal behaviour. Thx for your feedback.

it wasnt ihost matter devices , it was different bridge

Hey do you mind telling us what did you do before these offline devices disappeared

i just simply added a matter bridge to ewelink app , then after one minute I delete the aggregator for that matter bridge , normally when I do this then all matter devices got deleted after , this time some devices were deleted and some stuck as you saw .

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Hey, how many sub-devices are connected to the hub you’re having issues with?

Also, can you confirm the steps to restore it?

  1. Add a Matter bridge (iHost or Hue Bridge ?) to the NSPanel Pro.

  2. Wait for the bridge (or its child devices?) to go offline.

  3. Remove the bridge from the app.